It is a designation in the mortgage sector: that has been adopted as a term for mortgage originators who choose to assist borrowers on a more personal level by incorporating the mortgage decision with a borrowers short and long-term financial objectives.

Why is it important to use someone who is a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist – or C.M.P.S.?

Those who sell only price, often do so because they have little else to offer.  Price alone is not an indication of quality, service, or value.  The goal of a certified mortgage planner is to provide borrowers with the best combination of rate, fee & service.

A C.M.P.S. designation is important to you and your buyer for a variety of reasons:

  1. CMPS Loan Originators help with long term planning by asking the right questions as to the buyers goals and dreams- this helps make good educated decisions about the best financing for them
  2. CMPS Loan Originators provide valuable research and the back up documentation to assist buyers in making sound financial decisions – for example: Gift tax information, IRS implications of their financing decisions, long & short term benefits and consequences of their choices
  3. CMPS Loan Originators provide the professionalism & confidence needed in today’s environment to provide creditability to the transaction
  4. A CMPS Loan Originators goal is to use their skills to help your buyers do 3 things:
    1. Compare loan options more effectively
    2. Consider housing and mortgage decisions in the context of your overall financial situation
    3. Make smarter choices when it comes to debt cash flow and real estate investments

Providing value to all parties – one family at time!

For more information about how working with a Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist can help you & your buyers make sound financial choices when buying their home, please contact me.

Cheryl B