Measure your goals

What if? Take Time to Measure (everything)

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I know, I hate to measure things too. Especially my thighs or waistline. I also dread measuring goals, processes and relationships. Insert audible groan right here. “Do the same thing, get the same results”. I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times before. These words seem negative to me every time I hear them. But after some thought today, this could be positive. What if what you’re doing is good? What if its working? What if the results you’re getting are perfectly acceptable? YAY!

But then, what if they aren’t. What if, like me, you typically avoid taking a step back and looking at your efforts? My favorite quote today could be “If it ain’t broke…”, can you relate? It’s easier to do the same ‘ol thing, let’s be honest. Change is hard. Hard looks aren’t easy (whether you’re looking inside or out). If I stand in front of the mirror and my thighs aren’t like they used to be, will I keel over and die? No. I might be bummed out, but I also know that wishing isn’t going to get me my 25 year old thighs again. We all know that.

What if all we need to do is tweak a couple of things? What if a quick detour down a different path is just what the doctor ordered? What if we took a pause and criticized our ways? After all, what we’re doing might be habit, comfortable or even proven to work to some degree. What if we could move away from ‘acceptable’ and into ‘amazing’?

A simple question, “Is this working?” sounds pretty easy right? I’m going to challenge myself to ask this question as I go about my day. I challenge you to do the same. Join me in my plan: if it’s working, carry on good soldier! If it’s not working, don’t freak out. Get your creative juices flowing and noodle over the thought for a minute. Walk around your office building, get another cup of joe, or put your feet up – tell your boss I said it was okay. Perhaps you’ll discover a new way to get to AMAZING…what if?

Michelle Cimino, NOVA Home Loans

Regional Business Development Manager

[email protected]