“Barbecue may not be the road to world peace but it’s a start.”-Anthony Bourdain

Greetings and welcome back to Uncle Tom’s Corner.

Last time I told you about the drive to Grand Lake, Constitution Week and all that. The next one, October 19th in Westminster, will bring the season to a close until it resumes in January with the National Western. So, going forward, if I want to smell that aroma it’ll be up to me and my back yard.

Something I’m kinda excited about is my new cooker. I’m in the process of acquiring a fairly large piece of pipe and turning it over to a guy I met from northern Colorado who has fabricated some incredible (and award winning) cookers. When I first approached him about it I told him what I was trying to do. He told that “yeah, I can do that” and then went on to tell me of some of the innovations he’s come up with thus providing innovative solutions to problems I didn’t know I had. Not surprising, my new smoker will be nothing like what I originally envisioned.

Unlike the pellet smoker I currently use this one will be what is referred to as a “stick burner”…lump charcoal with chunks of hard wood added to provide the smoke flavor. According to Rob (the guy from northern Colorado) this thing can cook up to 600 pounds of meat at a time so if you have some sort of large family gathering or something coming up… by the time it cooks down that should feed up to 500+ people with a hearty serving of smoked deliciousness.

Since I suspect most of the readers missed Rocky Mountain Oyster Day due to gastric repulsion or for religious reasons you might find solace in learning that Monday, October 14th is Columbus Day, Thanksgiving in Canada, Succoth and Breakfast Burrito Day. Pretty sure none has anything to do with the rest but you have choices. I’ve long held that breakfast burritos deserve their own space on the Nutritional Pyramid…but that’s just me.

Aside from that there’s little going on in the world of barbecue until the Westminster competition. Rather than prattle on with nothing to impart I’ll close for now. Enjoy what’s left of this magnificent Colorado autumn and I’ll see you through the smoke.