New beginnings are often a product of our desire to change into something different, to more fully embrace our greatest potential. And sometimes new beginnings follow painful endings or come to us through no choice of our own. #NewYear2019

In the unfamiliarity of these new beginnings we may experience new thoughts, new emotions, or even new physical sensations. These sometimes strange occurrences can put us into a state of fear or panic that leaves us feeling overwhelmed or anxious. And that’s OK.

But let us focus not on the fear of the unknown, but rather on that which gives us faith: the opportunity to gain direct knowledge through new personal experiences. #TrueKNOWing
It is in the unknown, the new, that we can change our perspective, our habits, even our beliefs.

To make new beginnings a bit easier we can take special note:

  • Change is inevitable and it is universal. Whatever begins will end and then begin again.
  • All of us are experiencing change together, let’s support one another.
  • Having a defined goal (even just for today) is key to finding and maintaining stability.
  • Mindset is EVERYTHING, try not to become obsessed with a feeling or thought, rather understand that the feeling will pass and we can change our thoughts.
  • Vigilance is the name of the game, stick with it, challenge yourself to new heights and follow through!

Change is hard, even when it’s really good for us, because all the best things are.
So … start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.
Happy Changing.
Happy New Year 2019.



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