On February 25th the long-awaited community association manager (“CAM”) licensing bill was introduced to the legislators. HB19-1212 seeks to “recreate” the CAM licensing program and extend it through September 1, 2024.

HB19-1212 proposes some key changes and clarifications to the program, which include the following:

  • Creating an advisory committee comprised of seven individuals: three CAMs, two homeowners, one CPA, and one attorney who will advise the Division of Real Estate (Division) with regards to the handling of complaints, the adoption of rules and other matters on which the Division seeks input. Note that the committee will have no enforcement or disciplinary role;
  • Clarifying and minimizing circumstances that require direct supervision of apprentices;
  • Clarifying and allowing for certain ministerial functions to be delegated to unlicensed persons;
  • Authorizing the Division to adopt rules further defining and governing the supervision of apprentices; and
  • Removing the automatic acceptance of certain private credentials as qualification for licensure and moving the determination of qualifications to the Division to specify such acceptable credentials through rules.

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To read the full bill or to follow the bill’s progression through the legislature, please visit the Colorado General Assembly website.