Practice kindness.  This is something we have been encouraged to do and are constantly reminded of.  To enter our days and be kind to other, to forgive them and to practice tolerance.   But there is one person who we often neglect to be kind to… any guesses?

Yup that’s right, ourselves.

Why is it that we can be kind to so many others but not to ourselves. We push ourselves and hold ourselves to unrealistic standards and punish ourselves for failing.  We would never talk to another person or treat another the way we treat our own person.

This week let’s take this advice and practice kindness to ourselves. This week,  do one thing every day to be kind to YOU.  It can be something small like

~ read a book

~ go for a massage or walk

~ laugh

But the smallest act of kindness and love toward yourself can change the game and set a new standard for excellence.

This week, Be Kind.

Clara Capano, Coach and Strategist
[email protected]

Clara is a Ninja Trainer, Coach and Strategist. If you are interested in additional information on how Clara can unlock your potential and transform into the person you dream you can be, please click here to check out her website