As a kid I remember waking up on my birthday and being SO excited.  I knew there was going to be a celebration, presents and a special energy.  ( ok so I still feel this way….)

I guess my question is – why do we only have to feel this way once a year?

Every day should be a celebration.  We should wake up feeling energized and unstoppable.  Feeling special and ready to go and take on the day.

The reality is today, everyday is special.  There is no other day like today!

So this week, treat each day special.  Be excited to get up and face the day and look for all the gifts it can bring.  Each day is a new start, a fresh opportunity and in a sense a birthday…. it is the birth of something new, exciting and here for you to make your mark!

Clara Capano, Coach and Strategist
[email protected]

Clara is a Ninja Trainer, Coach and Strategist. If you are interested in additional information on how Clara can unlock your potential and transform into the person you dream you can be, please click here to check out her website