The words that follow the phrase “I am…” are powerful, so avoid saying things like “I am a loser” or “I am unworthy.” I don’t know about you, but I seem to hang on to the negative. I don’t mean to, but when I receive a harsh word or a difficult comment, I replay that all day. And just the opposite, when I receive kind words or a compliment, I dismiss it easily and don’t think about it again.

Since it’s the season for setting goals, I thought it might be a good idea to review my self-talk as part of my usual January process. “When your unconscious patterns hold you back from having an appropriate emotional response, you sabotage your own success,” say Rock Thomas, motivational speaker and author of The Power of Your Identity:: The Secret to Creating Lasting Change. This leads to a disempowered state and results in a decision that does not take you closer to your desires or goals.”

According to Thomas, success is an inside job, and your internal dialogue has a lot to do with your circumstances. I suppose if I’m thinking about negative things, this is what I’ll attract. I’m not generally a negative person, but I can be hard on myself as I’m sure you can be too. So why not change that?

Here’s what I’ve decided: This year, I’m going to hold on to those positive comments a little longer, as well as watch the words I use on myself. I’ll experiment with some positive self-talk, words that I actually know are true about myself. Maybe things like “I am…amazing at my job! I am…excited to get to the gym each day! I am…full of the potential I need to get where I’m going!” Do you think this could cause me to feel more grateful, more positive and maybe move me toward my goals faster? Would you like to join me in this quest? If so, respond to me and maybe we can whisper sweet nothings to each other. Kidding! Reach out and maybe we can hold each other accountable for being nice to ourselves. You in?

Michelle Cimino, NOVA Home Loans

Director of Business Development

[email protected]