Do you think that Getting a mortgage is a lot like swimming in a pool filled with sharks these days…?

If so, then think of me as your life guard!

My role is to protect &help you navigate these dangerous waters and get you to the other side safely.

I love my chosen path as a certified Mortgage Planning specialist or CMPS.

I get to help you navigate and give guidance on all the things you can’t see or don’t know are out there waiting for you!

What does this mean for you … it means that I am jumping into the water with you and

  1. Giving you a list of documents needed at the beginning of the loan process so that we’re not asking you for a bunch of paperwork at the last minute
  2. Conducting my affairs in such a way that my whole team works together in harmony on your behalf
  3. Maintaining a high level of communication with you during the loan process so that we remove uncertainty and create a more pleasant mortgage and home buying experience for you


My goal is to use my skills to do 3 things for you:

🏡Compare loan options more effectively

🏡Consider housing and mortgage decisions in the context of your overall financial situation

🏡Make smarter choices when it comes to debt cash flow and real estate investments

In the end I hope that I help you, not sell you. I collaborate with you, not take your order. I safeguard you from peril and you make good solid decisions. I hope you have a smile at the end of the process and leave you feeling happy you decided to work with me!

Cheryl B