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Gratitude in Business ~ A Worthy Practice


There are a lot of businesses, realtors and entrepreneurs who are finding that activating a gratitude practice in their business is making a huge impact by increasing their business relationships, referral business and their bottom line. In addition, for companies that have employees- this system has been a huge benefit. It has been attributed to staff retention specifically regarding recognition, acknowledgement and appreciation.

The overall feedback is that it is affecting personal relationships and production within companies in all industries. Whether you are building your business, or focusing on retention in your current business the active practice of engaging with your sphere of influence (including friends, family, vendors, partners, employees, clients and customers) with the intention to connect is invaluable. When we decide to connect with intention we pay attention to what is going on in the lives of the people around us and we make a choice to connect with purpose to celebrate, encourage, inspire, give thanks and appreciation, show compassion and sympathy, to offer encouragement or just to reach out and say hello.

Send a meaningful card, choose from hundreds of templates or create your own. Because these cards are fully customizable, they are a fantastic way for you and/or your company to show your appreciation to your customers and not only to thank them for their business. If someone gets sick, married, goes on vacation, has a birthday or a baby …. you have the ability to celebrate or support them and build your business and personal relationships at the same time. I am excited to share some of my signature cards from Serenitys Way for you to use in your own gratitude practice.

Every week we will have a specific theme and with each week I will encourage you to reach out by asking yourself “What message can I send in a card today to make a difference in someone’s life?”

Sylvia Castillo

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