You’ve done everything you should do.

You’ve provided good service to your clients.  You’ve stayed top of mind using layered marketing.  And the day has come…

One of your past clients referred you.  What happens next?


Think about the last time someone referred you to someone or something.  What did you do?

Many of us do not immediately pick up the phone or open up our email to contact the person to whom we were referred.

No, we have taken an extra step to ensure we are being led in the right direction.

And if you understand this you will have an opportunity in your own business to ensure those referred to you actually contact you.

Here’s what you probably did and what those referred to you will most likely do…

They ask for help from their assistant.


Everyone these days has an assistant.  Someone who is much better than they are in getting to the bottom of things.  In finding what we need to find in order to make an informed decision.

Do you know who this assistant is?


Yep, that’s right, Google!

Think about it.  When you are looking to make a decision what do you do?  I bet you turn to your handy assistant, Google to find out more information.

Maybe you are looking for hours, or location, or reviews.  Whatever you are looking for you probably turn to Google or some other trusted search engine.  Am I right?

The potential customers your past clients refer you do exactly the same thing.  They Google you!

What will they find?


The good news is that you control what they see.  Maybe not 100% but you certainly control the majority of what those potential customers see.

And it really doesn’t take much effort if you understand the secret.  The secret that allows you to show those who Google you what you want them to see.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what people will see and to create a message that encourages people to contact you so you can assist them?



You probably want to know the secret.  The secret to being found online.  And not just found but to deliver the message you want people to see.

Maybe you’ve done a bit of research associated with being found online to find article after article about SEO, search engine optimization, or social media marketing.

If you have then you know what they say.  It is about consistently delivering keyword-rich information and connecting with influencers who will share your content with their large audience.  When you do this, over a long period of time, you start to build more and more traffic to your website giving you the opportunity to control what people see when they Google you.

Good news for you…that is not the secret.

The secret to building fast, credible results on Google is to stand on the shoulders of giants.


Who are these “giants”?  Well, there are two types of giants:

  1. General
  2. Specific

Let’s talk about the general giants first. These are the companies that have done all the hard work for you.  That has been consistently growing their audience and website traffic for years and years to the point where they now control that traffic.

Who are these giants?  You already know them…

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Yahoo
  • Wikipedia

These giants have figured out how to draw people to them.  And they do it by sharing other people’s content.  Brilliant right?

Here’s how they do it.  They give you the tools to share information about…you!  Yes, you.

And who controls what you say about you?  For the most part, you do!  And that’s the secret.

Now for the specific giants.  These are the giants within your industry or niche.

For example, if you’re in real estate this would include:

  • Zillow
  • Trulia

Do you know how they grew their traffic?  In a very similar way to the general giants.  They allowed others to create the content for them and aggregated the data in a way that made it easy for people to find what they were looking for.  Which included the ability to create profiles.


You get to create your own persona.  What do you want it to be?  Whatever you decide you want to be consistent.

You’ve probably heard the niches are in the riches.  Well, keep that in mind when you create your persona.

What words do your target clients search for or grab their attention?  Who do you want to be known as?  What will draw them in to wanting to do business with you?

Don’t over think this.  Just be genuine and authentic.  Be you!


Now, go to about 3 to 5 of these giants sites and create profiles.

  • Google: create a Google Places profile
  • YouTube: create a YouTube channel
  • Facebook: create a Facebook Business page
  • Amazon: create a Review profile

Make sure that you have a profile on your specific giants pages as those are the most relevant and will provide the greatest about of credibility related to what you do.


All search engines do pretty much the same thing.  When someone enters what they are searching for the search engine goes out to find the most credible resource it can find and delivers those results to you, in that order.  The most credible resource on top.

Who do you think Google thinks is the most credible resource (most of the time)?  Google!

And guess what?  Google owns 81% of the search traffic!!

So, make sure you’ve done the work to create your profile on Google.

But, hopefully, you did that based on the earlier recommendation.

After Google’s own results it then will show you the other credible resources which will be based largely on traffic and other people’s links to those sites which is why YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Zillow, etc. will often appear first.

Once you have your profiles set up with the wording you want to use Google will find these and show them to your potential customer.  Giving you…credibility…voila!

You could be doing everything right.  You could be following all the advice on layered marketing we provide within Database Gold.  You could be sending out all the content we create within Database Gold.  But if you miss this point you could be missing out on a lot of potential customers from contacting you.

Repeat & referral business is the single most effective source of business for any sales person…period!

If you’ve ever wondered if you could be doing a better job of staying in flow with your past clients, or if you ever wanted to be more consistent in your communication or marketing efforts, you’ll find a ton of value in taking the Database Diagnostic. In just a few minutes, you could reveal blind spots and areas of opportunity in your database.