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Oct 20 2020


9:00 am - 12:00 pm

3 Hours to Protect Your Clients A$$ as Well as Your Own – Virtual

This class deals with the very complex and scary areas of Real Estate practice such as:

  • The Post Closing Occupancy Agreement; what are the pitfalls, what areas of the agreement Buyers and Sellers need to pay special attention to, how do you assist in helping your clients complete the agreement, ways in which you can practice liability reduction when working in this very complex agreement.
  • The Closing Instructions; should you be utilizing the commission approved form, how does the form deal with Return of Earnest Money and Earnest Money disputes, Change in Ownership of Water Wells, Withholdings for FIRPTA and change in Colorado residency, and the Scrivener Agreement.
  • Inspection Resolution; who should write the resolution, the ABC’s of provision writing, lender requirements and how to follow commission position 43 in the utilization of the Inspection Resolution.
  • Brokerage Disclosure to Buyer; how and when to fill it out, what you should be paying attention to, how do you handle this form when you are showing your own listing, and Megan’s Law.
  • Commission Position 36-Minimum Service Requirements; how to utilize minimum service requirements in your business and the risks of stepping outside your requirements, how do you deal with stigmatizing conditions, what is your responsibility to investigate different real estate issues.


3 CE Credits

Instructor: Steve Olson