Today is New day. It’s the first day of your new life.
How many times have we heard that?

But it’s true….

Everyday is a chance to make great things happen. To take new chances and to build your tomorrow.

I find that we hold on to yesterday and all we didn’t do. We hold our failures and short comings over ourselves and let the past define our today.

No more

Shake off yesterday.  Focus on today.  Focus on who you will connect with and impact. What you will do to make your mark and use your time with purpose. Use all of today for what it holds.

No one knows how many fresh starts you will have – but you have today. Use it!

Clara Capano, Coach and Strategist
[email protected]

Clara is a Ninja Trainer, Coach and Strategist. If you are interested in additional information on how Clara can unlock your potential and transform into the person you dream you can be, please click here to check out her website