In a rush and we look to “save time” whenever possible.  If we were driving, we would look for short cuts, but we would only use them when it was safe.

We would not take a short cut if it led us down a one-way street would we?

Sometimes there are short cuts in life and businessthat make sense.  For example can we delegate off some of our daily duties? or hire a sub-contractor?

But not all short cuts are “safe” – we do not want to cut out parts of our process.  We do not want to skimp on our level of customer service,  If we cut corners in these areas, we will pay for it later and more often than not, it ends up costing us more time and energy.  So these “short-cuts” often times are not what they seem.

This week, be smart and make choices that will lead you in the right directions.  Do not take short cuts that in the long run will take you further off course.

Clara Capano, Coach and Strategist
[email protected]