Batteries Included


As a kid when I received a toy I was THRILLED when the batteries were included.  That meant I could start to play with it right then and there!

Like toys, we need batteries to operate too – and we have them!  Its called Attitude!

However, sometimes our batteries run low on a charge and that can affect us.  Our attitude controls our day, and we get to decide our  outcome in about the first 5 min of the day.  Listen to how you talk to yourself as you wake up….

Oh its Monday and I have to work.  vs Its Monday – Lets Get this week going!

I can’t believe how early it is.  vs GOOD MORNING WORLD

I have so much to do.  vs  It will be a productive day

This week – make sure your batteries are fully charged.  Go into the week with energy, focus and an attitude that will carry you through with success.  Remember – your batteries are included too, so go out and use them!


Clara Capano, Coach and Strategist
[email protected]