VA loans were created in 1944 right before the close of World War II. Loan volume is typically driven by low rates and no down payments. As well as the loan program provides significant financial benefits that make home buying available for Veterans that may not otherwise qualify. 8 of 10 veteran’s only qualify for a VA Loan. The vetting of the applicant, the loan application, housing expenses and even child care are considered when approving a Veteran for financing using a VA loan. The most popular reason to use a VA loan is the no down payment requirement. This applies to primary residences only and while available is not exclusive – meaning a Veteran can indeed use funds for down payment – but in many cases they don’t have to! The VA guarantees the loan to the lender and allows them to be more lenient with qualifying parameters. VA loans can close quickly using the right lender and the appraisal turn times are maxed at 10 days per the current VA guideline. The seller is not required to pay any closing costs on behalf of the buyer. Did you know VA loans are statistically, the least defaulted loan in the country? These Veterans are committed to providing safe and secure environments for their families. VA loans help reestablish the economy in our market, lift up the affordable credit availability and serve our military families. These servicemen and women deserve every opportunity we can give them for the selfless service of our country. 

10 Quick FAQs about VA Loans

•            Primary Residence 100% financing

•            No Mortgage Insurance

•            Leniency for Prior Foreclosures and Bankruptcy

•            Flexible Credit & Income Guidelines

•            Eligibility is Reusable – it never expires

•            Loans Are Assumable by Other Qualifying Veterans

•            No Prepayment Penalties

•            No Seller Required (Non-Allowable) Costs & Fees

•            Lower Rates & Fees than Conventional or FHA loans

•            Active Duty, Reserves, Separated from Service & Retirees

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